Storage Tips & Tricks

General Storage Tips – A little Planning and Organizing goes a long way

  • Use sturdy, well taped, moving boxes or plastic containers with lids.  You will be able to stack these easily and limit any possible damage to items in boxes.
  • Clearly label all boxes for easy identification in the future.
  • Use a small shelving unit to maximize space.
  • When disassembling items, store screws in plastic bag and attached to the items for future use.
  • Heavy boxes on the bottom.  Fragile items marked and placed on top.
  • Do not stack boxes to high, the bottom box may not be able to support the weight
  • Leave an isle to access items at rear of unit if needed.
  • Take a picture of your fully packed storage unit.  You can always look at it to remember where something was or if you packed it.

Pest Control – Better safe than sorry.

  • Make sure all items being stored are clean and free of any debris that may attract pests.
    • Empty vacuums
    • Clean appliances
    • No food of any kind should be stored
    • No animal products of any kind should be stored
  • Plastic containers are usually a better bet than cardboard boxes.
  • Dryer sheets naturally deter pest and smell great.
  • After unit is packed, cover your items with a canvas tarp.

Moisture Control – We live in the Midwest. You cannot avoid it so plan properly

  • Avoid cardboard boxes for long term storage.  Plastic containers with tight lids are your best option.
  • Place items on wooden pallets.  Concrete floors can sweat and produce moisture.  Pallets also allow for some ventilation by allowing additional air movement
  • Place on open container of charcoal in corner of unit.  Charcoal naturally absorbs moisture.
  • Any appliance that may have water needs to be completely drained.  Washing machine, Refrigerator, Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Window Air Conditioner, ect.
  • Do not leave wood directly in contact with storage floor.  Use a plastic tarp if necessary.

Dirt / Dust Control – You will thank us when you unpack your items

  • Bag or plastic wrap any items you can
  • Lubricate tools, bikes, and hinges before storing
  • Vacuum seal and clothing or bedding